Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Sexual Health Chronicles: Sex Key to Emotional Connections

Sex is the essential ingredient for emotional health to exist within any romantic partnership. Physical relations form a key foundation for emotional connections to strengthen; as a result, couples should always make time for intimacy in their hectic daily lives. As it turns out, intercourse can keep two individuals bonded through any degree of chaos. This useful guide explores the various ways that frequent sexual interactions can enhance the emotional aspects of a relationship.

Establish Communication

The successful pursuit of shared enjoyment requires a keen focus on each party's needs and impulses. Responsive listening is a useful skill that can be learned through repeated romps in the bedroom. The ability to openly express personal sexual information creates a pure line of truthful communication that can be applied to all other arenas of life.

Build Acceptance

Two people are perhaps the most exposed during a sexual encounter. Embracing one another in a moment of exclusive nakedness allows both parties to feel emotionally accepted on a primal level. Being able to fully share passion is an exquisite luxury that unites people in profoundly transcendental ways, and the deep mental link can never be broken by lesser trivialities. Sexuality gives everyone a chance to experiment with unconditional love, which does wonders for emotional health. 

Create Sense of Belonging

The basic wiring of human psychology causes people to rely on stored memories for attributions of pleasure, which means dependence will be bred in a Pavlovian manner. Orgasms will continuously reinforce the need for close proximity. Maintaining pleasurable forays during busy times will ensure a peacefully intertwined lifestyle. 

Ingrain Self-Confidence

A high frequency of intimate encounters naturally boosts one's own sense of desirability, which automatically induces an increase in personal optimism. An increased rate of sexual interactions facilitates an increase in pheromone production, which will garner positive reception from audiences of the opposite gender without even consciously trying. Furthermore, afterglow grants real benefits too; mainly, skin complexion will start to clear after a vitamin release caused by incorporating multiple orgasms into a regular regimen. 

The Motivation of Mutual Satisfaction

The routine occurrence of sexual bonding can make an arduous work schedule seem much more rewarding. Conventional wisdom is simply wrong when it declares a busy schedule to be a valid excuse for infrequent intimacy; in fact, the human brain is designed to be more productive once basic needs are fulfilled. Scheduling a sexy evening can make a long work day go by a lot faster. On a physiological scale, sex helps foster a balanced hormonal state for clearer thinking skills and harmonious emotional perspectives. 

Learn Patience

Sex is not always easy or straightforward. Romantic activities are not always going to consist of non-stop unbridled passion. There will be plenty of obstacles, but a loving partner will take the time to discover heightened states of consummated bliss. During times that render intimate moments difficult, it helps to have a compassionate significant other that is willing to explore new ways of creating personal bonds.

Take good care of yourself!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Roasted Avocado over Couscous

I found this recipe on the Examiner. I made it and it was absolutely yummy. Good fats, good grains, and good for you. What more could you ask for? I had no idea you could roast avocado. Here are the details. Courtesy of:

2 avocados
1/2 cup couscous
1/4 small red onion, peeled and diced
1 tbsp. lemon juice
2 handfuls mixed greens
½ cup water
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Preheat oven to 400º. Cut avocado into quarters and take the pit out. Peel the quarters and discard the skin. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake for 15 minutes. While the avocado is in the oven, prepare your salad. Bring the water to a boil and add in the couscous and onion. Add some more salt and pepper and about ½ tsp. olive oil. Once couscous has cooked, remove from heat and cover. Mix the lemon juice with another tablespoon of olive oil and a bit more salt and pepper to make the salad dressing. Once your avocado is finished in the oven, fluff the couscous with a whisk, toss the greens in the salad dressing, and mix the coated greens with the couscous. Top with your roasted avocados and enjoy!
Take good care of yourself!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Sexual Health Chronicles: Spice up the Bedroom with Toys

Sex toys are fun. Is there a better reason for trying them out? Perhaps your time in the bedroom isn't what it was in the beginning. Maybe you're simply curious about the hype surrounding sexual toys. It's also possible that you want to fulfill some secret fantasy that wouldn't be possible without a sex toy. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain about incorporating toys into your intimate life: things will get spicier because new is exciting.

Why Some People Are Reluctant About Using Sexual Toys

While the thought of using sex toys can really make some people's hearts race, others aren't so sure about the idea. Some individuals might perceive using objects for arousal to be unnatural or even taboo. Many men see dildos and vibrators as competition with uncanny size and stamina--and that intimidates them. They're afraid that their partners will develop unrealistic performance expectations after getting used to battery-powered toys. There are also individuals out there who question the safety of putting foreign objects into very private areas. It's also possible that certain sexual toys are too pricey for many people's tastes, or that being unfamiliar with the vast selection of sexual implements and their operation can be quite off-putting. The list goes on, but unless you're completely against the idea of experimenting with them, it's worth giving it a shot to see how things pan out. Your initial impressions could change very quickly.

Take Your Intimacy to the Next Level

If you currently find intercourse to be boring or can't seem to climax anymore, it's obvious that being intimate doesn't arouse you as much as it should. Toys can change all of that if you're willing to try.

Sexuality isn't just a physical matter. It also has everything to do with the mind. Trying something new and unfamiliar can be extremely arousing for many couples. Frankly, that's why people are so prone to cheating. It's the idea of being with a complete stranger and having a brand new experience with that individual that's so exhilarating. Of course, cheating on each other is the last thing that a committed couple would ever want or think of doing. Toys, however, can have the same thrilling effect on a couple's dying relationship.

The Best Toys for Couples Just Getting Into It

If both you and your partner are on the same boat about playing, you're going to have to stop by a toy store to stock up on goodies. Here are a few common toy types that might strike your fancy.

> Dildo

Dildos are phallic objects made from a soft plastic material. They're the most basic of bedroom implements and must be manually operated by the individual receiving or giving. Dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so select a form that both partners find to be pleasing.

> Vibrator

The vibrator is a toy that creates vibrations when activated by a switch or remote control. Vibrators may also come in phallic shapes, but they can also exist in various different forms from finger pads and "bullets" to things that are more complex. Originally designed as a woman's private companion, vibrators are inserted into the vagina and may also include a part for stimulating the clitoris.

> Penis Ring

The penis ring is usually a stretchy band that slides down the shaft of a penis to the base. It also vibrates and stimulates both the male and female partner during intercourse.

> Anal Beads

Couples interested in back door fun could find much enjoyment in using anal beads--plastic spheres of varying sizes attached to a string. The spheres are inserted into the anus one at a time and are meant to cause sexual arousal during both insertion and pull-out.

Have some fun and take good care of yourself!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Healthy Sex Chronicles Part I: 4Play All Day Long

You've probably heard that good foreplay is the secret to great sex. Well, it's true, but foreplay doesn't just refer to the brief fondling that occurs minutes before intercourse. Experts believe that it also includes every suggestive action that occurs throughout the day between partners before leading up to sex. Keeping your partner primed for what's to come is the surest way to have him or her begging for the big finale.

Why does all-day foreplay work?

Imagine that you're cooking steaks for dinner. Would you rather throw it on a skillet right away, or would you prefer to let it marinade in an awesome blend of spices overnight before savoring it? The latter obviously sounds more appealing, right? The same reasoning applies to sex. Foreplay is the marinade that makes everything taste so much better.

The power of suggestion is one that's very hard to resist. Foreplay is all about suggestion. Doing little things here and there to entice your partner over the course of the day is the way to build up carnal desires. Sex is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. The brain is an amazing thing, and without thinking about sex beforehand, the sexual activity wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable as it could be. When your partner is lusting for your touch, the level of arousal that he or she feels when you both finally make contact will be seriously magnified. That's exactly what you want.

What can I do to tease my partner?

There are many ways to wet your partner's sexual appetite. On the day that you plan to get freaky, here's what you can do.

> Give your significant other a juicy smooch before heading off to work

Instead of the typical peck on the cheek, use your lips and tongue with this one. Take your time, and don't be afraid to ruin your lipstick. You can always reapply it.

> Leave a sexy note in your partner's purse or briefcase

There are few surprises more pleasant than letting your partner know what you want to do to him or her after work. Sticky notes carefully placed in pants pockets, wallets, or even on a laptop screen should do the trick.

> Send each other "sexts" throughout the day

Sexy text messages will surely have your significant other yearning for more after you've stimulated that mind repeatedly.

> Surprise your partner by sending seductive photos over email

Like they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. In this case, risqué self-shots could be worth the best sexual experience you've ever had.

Enjoy and take good care of yourself!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blood Type Key to Wellness and Weight Loss

Obesity and weight loss. These words have the power to strike a chord of dread even in the most fearless of people. Most people at some point in their lives have tried some type of “diet” that may work in the short-term, but more than likely has very little to zero long-term benefits.

The reasons that most weight loss programs do not work in the long-term are varied. There are not very many people who can sustain themselves very long on a cabbage soup diet or a plan that strictly prohibits you from eating a variety of different foods. People are not wired that way. To top it all off, the recommendation is to engage in some form of moderate to intense exercise program. The problem with this is that if a person has not had proper nourishment, there is positively no way that any type of exercise program is going to happen, let alone be successful. Just imagine this scenario: You have been eating cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, you are supposed to work out at an intense enough rate to keep your heart rate up, as well as strength training. You probably barely had enough strength just to make it through your day after your healthy” cabbage soup "meals." Exercising is not going to be an option because you are just too beat to do anything more than what you absolutely have to do. This whole scene is discouraging and is a setup for failure.

To make matters even worse, when you go to see your doctor and he or she advises you that you need to need to eat better to improve your health. You then ask the usual questions, but mainly you want to know how to lose the excess pounds for your overall wellness. Your physician then proceeds to tell you that the only way to shed those excess pounds is through vigorous exercise and calorie restriction. You try to explain to your doctor that you have already been on that ride, did not find it fun, and could he please advise something better for you. His reply is probably going to be to tell you to just stick with it. Your mind is screaming, “Are you kidding me right now?”

Being obese has many negative health implications. The most obvious of these is that obesity is not physically attractive. Everyone wants to be able to look and feel his or her best. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be excessively thin, as that has its own set of problems. However, achieving numbers that are suitable for your age and gender is ideal and reaching your goal may not be as difficult as you previously thought.

Losing extra pounds with the blood type program could possibly be the answer to you finally getting to your ideal goal. I recently read Eat 4 Your Blood Type, developed by naturopathic physician, Dr. Peter D’Adamo. The basic way that this works is by finding out your type, A, B, O, or AB. Once your type has been determined, you are given an eating plan that is both satisfying and nourishing.

Blood Type Weight Loss

The blood type weight loss plan addresses individuals and does not assign a one-size-fits-all type of “diet” to everyone. This plan is really tailored to an individual person's needs at the cellular level. It addresses things such as allergies, disease susceptibility, food combining, etc. Once you know your blood type, you will know which foods will specifically help you to lose body fat safely and effectively. Another bonus to Dr. D’Adamo’s plan is that you do not have to wait for a long period of time before you start to see results. Many have seen results in as little as two weeks. Remember the strenuous exercise program that was discussed earlier? This plan even addresses that. Based on your type, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the exercise plan that you need may not be as difficult or as time-consuming as you had been previously told by other physicians.

A person with a Type A blood is likely to predisposed to diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Therefore, these types should concentrate on eating foods that are organic. An eating plan that is rich in organic fruits and vegetables is best. Type A’s prefer exercises such as tai chi and yoga for calmness and centering.

Someone who is Type B has a very strong digestive and immune system. Also, someone who is type B, tends to be more resistant to chronic illnesses. These types best benefit from moderate exercise like hiking and tennis.

Type O people tend to respond well to intense physical activity like running, martial arts, and contact sports. Foods rich in animal proteins work best, while grains and dairy tend to contribute to gaining excess pounds. Gluten is a major contributor of weight gain in Type O.

Those who are type AB are more biologically complex. A combination of both the A and B program is well-suited to them.

If you or someone that you know is obese, Dr. D’Adamo’s plan may be just what you need to improve your overall health and wellness. Doing so will lead you to a healthier, happier, and more vital life. Hey, I started following the plan for a Bloody Type A and I'm 10 lbs down in less than 2 weeks! 

Take good care of yourself!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Thoughts = Life

A few months ago I ran across a coupon for a group hypnosis class for weight loss. I've tried practically every diet out there so why not add this one to the list. Well to my disappointment I didn't get reprogrammed to hate carbs as I had initially hoped. I did however get some much needed instructor-led meditation along with the following message repeated throughout the session. "Be careful what you say to yourself because yourself is listening." That concept really resonated with me. The average person can have more than ten thousand thoughts in one day and majority of those thoughts are negative. Have you ever listened to your self-talk...the thoughts running wild in your head?
  • "Why did I do that? I'm so stupid"
  • "I'm fat/wide/ugly/too skinny" 
  • "I can't do [fill in the blank]"
  • "I wish I had his/her [fill in the blank]"
  • "I'm so tired"
  • "I don't have the money"
  • "I'm stuck in this position"
  • "I'll never be/have [fill in goals]"
  • "Things never go right for me"

It's so easy to be critical of self, but ironically you wouldn't speak to a close friend or loved one in this manner so why do we tear ourselves down? After the hypnosis class I started to pay more attention to my thoughts. I learned that I am extremely hard on myself and impatient. At 35 I am just recognizing that my thoughts and words are little seeds that I am constantly planting in my life. I think, "I'm tired" body responds by sitting on the couch for hours at a time. I think, "I don't know as much as my colleague"... my confidence shrivels and I don't speak up in the meeting. I think, "my stomach looks huge"...I now struggle to believe and accept the compliments from my husband.

Okay, so the class didn't prevent me from loving bread and pasta, but it did so much more. It made me conscious of the power of my thoughts. I can control my thoughts. My attitude towards life and ultimately my happiness are within me. From now on I'm planting positive seeds. I'm only depositing GOOD STUFF in this body - physically and mentally. Just like Being Mary Jane, I started leaving post-it notes all over the house with positive affirmations and reminders to be kind and patient with myself.

A couple of books are helping me through the journey to absolute self-love. There are tons of resources on the subject. My favorite are the Hay House books. Louise Hay is the queen of the feel-good!

Take good care of yourself.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Am I hoarder?

I was preparing to make a little masterpiece in the kitchen today. I pulled out all my ingredients to make a bacon carbonara pasta dish (I know and I don't even want to hear it) and that's when I noticed the expiration date on the parsley container. 05MAR11. Yes, I was and have been using some freakishly old seasoning. As much as I detested throwing out my three-quarter full container, I knew it was for the best. Then I went on to review all of my spices. Do you know I threw out more than 15 containers, large and small. Then I started going through my baking ingredients and found myself ditching flour, vanilla extract bottles, and even cookie sprinkles. My whole dang kitchen was OLD. I couldn't believe it. Now at this point the spring cleaning spirit was in me and was running around the house tossing anything that remotely looked dusty into trash bags. I reviewed every item in the pantry, and the refrigerator. At the end of my cleaning rampage I threw out more than 4 tall trash bags of condiments, spices, pasta, popcorn, jello, vitamins, over-the-counter and prescription drugs (except for my Vicodin and Percocet...I would never throw out the good stuff), and hair and skin products. But seriously when is the last time you did an inventory of your kitchen, your medicine cabinet, your makeup bag, and under your sink? A lot, if not all, of these articles have an expiration date. When it comes to perishable foods it is easy to tell when they go bad because they usually develop mold or have a foul order. It's harder to tell when seasonings or processed food go bad because they might look and taste okay. Truth is when you go past the "Best by or Use by" date, the food's nutritional value decreases and the taste may not be as tasty as it once was. Likewise with medicine, it's best to throw out old vitamins and drugs as they lose their potency after the expiration date and what's worse they could potentially cause illnesses or other conditions. Unlike food, cosmetics may not display an expiration date, however, they go bad just the same. Old cosmetics can cause eye infections and skin blemishes. As a tip, when you buy a new cosmetic item immediately mark it with the date purchased with a marker. Did you know mascara goes bad at around 3-4 months? When's the last time you switched out that basic beauty item? Check out the guidelines for the basic types of make up products. 

ProductToss it after. . .
Mascara3 - 4 months
Concealer12 months
Water-based Foundation 12 months
Oil-based Foundation18 months
Blush or bronzer18 months
Cream blush18 months
Eye shadow3 years
Pencil Eyeliner3 months
Powder2 years
Lipstick/lip gloss18 months
Lip liner12 months
Nail polish12 months
Makeup spongesWash weekly,discard monthly

So let the spring cleaning spirits be with you so that you can prevent any illnesses or at the very least not be featured on an episode of Hoarders.

Take good care of yourself.